Thursday, May 21, 2020

My first vector self portrait

Every respectable portrait artist in the history of human art has at some point in his or her life created a self portrait. So I have been told. As a respectable portrait artist (cough!) I thought it is time to draw one myself. I chose a photo that was shot at X-mas eve of 2014 as a reference, because I've grown too ugly to show my mug in public since that time, lol. Still, some would say creating a self portrait is a sign of vanity. To make things worse, vanity is said to be one of the seven mortal sins. However when considering who decided what is sin and what is virtue - the so called 'gods', that deceiving, plundering, perverse and murdering lot, that do not give a flying fuck about human mortals, I do not worry too much about whether I am committing a sin or gracing life with a virtue. Common perception is an imposed deceitful heap of invented crap for braindead half wits to mindlessly believe and for the rest of mankind to smirk at and ignore. No one should take this personally, but maybe consider what's actually written here. It's the idea of having a brain. To use it every now and then.

Obviously the date mentioned in the image caption indicates that this portrait is a work in progress, that still needs a fair amount of work. The update sequence can be observed in my portfolio blog that you find here. I am creating this all vector, zero pixel self portrait in my trusty Affinity Designer, that allows to create realistic vector portraits like no other vector drawing program is capable of. Although I've been working with this program for about 4 years, I am still experimenting with it and in the case of this drawing I think it won't take too long to complete, because of the techniques used (and those I didn't use obviously). So stay tuned until I've finished this vain enterprise (and beyond that when I post consecutive articles of course).

Hasta luego online virtual folks. 

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