Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Thermodynamics, closed systems, cyclical processes, non-locality, entanglement, open systems and infinite progress

In a previous blog entry I've mentioned that the cyclical nature of nature is inherently related to the assumption that it is a rather large collection of closed systems that do not exchange energy, information and matter between them. According to science anyway. Even those that have enjoyed less elevated levels of education (like me) intuitively raised their brows when hearing about closed system bunk that science can't stop ranting about. There are of course obvious and undeniable phenomenons that support such claims, like the rhythm of day and night and the seasons for instance, but when diving deeper into matters one runs across information that opens up doors to new visions in which a different type of reasoning is used. This has happened before, for instance when Nicolaus Copernicus re-discovered that the earth was not the center of the universe. In those days too it could shorten ones life span to express official theory whacking conclusions and not a lot has changed since then. Today the church may not ban and burn such heralds, but compliant peers (and sponsors) may feel a moral obligation to terminate the academic career of the apostate.

Non-local entanglement 

The formerly undisputed validity of the laws of thermodynamics has recently suffered a few setbacks. Situations only comply with those laws in closed or isolated systems, i.e. systems that are unable to exchange energy, information and matter with other systems. But a number of scientists ran into problems because their research suggested that such types of systems are far fewer in number than the academic world traditionally assumed. In particular, the discovery of non-local events and entanglement has crumpled the reputation of the once respected laws. These phenomenons do exchange information (in a flash) with other systems elsewhere. And proper closed systems don't do such things. By the way, elsewhere can be billions of light-years away, which doesn't effect the synchronous interaction between the systems.... 

To some it is unclear how closed systems are inherently related to cyclical processes. Closed systems are basically shut off and completely separated from other systems, since no exchange of anything with other systems is possible (corporate structures mimic this construct; knowledge and responsibilities are meticulously compartmentalized). Earth is surrounded by 3 highly radioactive spheres that are called the Van Allen Belts. When any type of organic life enters the rings, it instantly dies. A NASA engineer said the agency admitted that it still has to figure out how to let people travel through the radiation belts (at the 3:40 mark). If you wonder how NASA managed to keep the astronauts that landed on the moon in 1969 alive, you could consider sending them an email, which may clarify things. Or not. To protect humans the capsule in which they are seated, must be enveloped in a 1 meter thick lead wall to allow them to survive the lethal gamma ray radiation. Such a construction would be impossible to lift from the earth's ground by the primitive rocket technology that NASA still uses for its projects inside the public domain. When computers and comparable electronics are brought into that high radiation area, they are fried immediately. In other words, the belts basically prevent anything from exiting or entering the space in which earth swings about. In addition gravity keeps everything stuck to earth, while life forms need gasses in the atmosphere (that aren't present outside of it) to live. This basically means that we live inside a closed system from which it is impossible to escape. It's not a perfectly closed system - perhaps it's 98% closed - but its mainly closed nature is enough to allow processes to take place in a cyclical fashion which is common according to the laws of thermodynamics. This of course does not mean these laws also apply to systems that are not closed, while it may very well be possible to dodge systems that are not closed.... Man may find out if he drops the old paradigm.

Liberation from the prison of Samsara 

Every earthly civilization that we have information about arose and fell. Knowledge and technical prowess increased until the pinnacle was reached, after which things went into decline. Over and again. Not a single civilization managed to last. Science has not yet decided if time is linear or cyclical, though the rhythms of night and day and the seasonal sequence do seem to give away a rather difficult to misinterpret clue. The cyclical nature of the development of civilizations apparently is inherent to closed systems. The ostensibly inevitable rise and decay of processes inside closed systems is not limited to the amount of knowledge and technical advancement; mental and spiritual properties are included as well. Hence the unending cycles of death and re-birth, reincarnation or as the Buddhists call it: Samsara. That religion (regardless of the fact that Buddhists do not like to call it a religion) hints at a way to escape Samsara, which is by achieving the 'rainbow body' state - an extremely difficult process. It requires only have loving thoughts for 13 consecutive years. Each negative thought sets you back an other 13 years. Superhumans that succeed in reaching the rainbow body phase have gained Moksha, that Buddhists literally label to be liberation from Samsara, which implies that Samsara is a prison, because you can only be liberated from incarceration - if you are not incarcerated you need not be liberated, because you are already free. 

This most definitely opens up an entirely different perspective on the actual nature of closed systems. I deleted the slew of obvious questions that popped up in my mind, eventually leading to the question of how to get even with the entity that inflicted these endless cycles of reincarnation - of suffering and sorrow - on the souls of humans. Although a considerable effort was required to overcome this raging urge to avenge this insanely cruel crime, but after some time I realized that parasitic powers, regardless how advanced they may seem, are never at the top. They can only have minor positions that may look like they are capo de tutti capi in eyes of the ignorant in closed systems, but they're foot-soldiers at best in bigger settings that encompass larger chunks of the celestial realm. So, this evil clown will be taken care of in the way in which open system powers handle such matters. As above so below is a delusion thrown at us to deceive and limit us. Above is infinitely better and infinitely worse. The creator of closed systems has chosen and sealed its own fate, which is a perpetual abide inside the cyclical perdition it invented. 

Hasta luego online virtual folks.

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