Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Improved F1 logo design

After writing about serious matters in the previous posts I thought it was time for something trivial again, which is why I wrote this post. However it has a relation to the sad truth that becomes evident in the final paragraphs. Ever since F1 adopted the new logo, I felt that it was rather uninspired and when bored senseless I decided to have a go at it. The previous logo was iconic and a token of sheer creativity, compared to which the current logo looks really bad. The result of my idea of a proper successor you see in the images below. They consist of 14 parts, which in numerology accounts to number 5, that is the master number of change, one of the dominant properties of F1 technology that perpetually seeks to improve. The number 14 represents the following:

  • Freedom
  • Self-determination
  • Curiosity
  • Wit
  • Conscientiousness

This my take in 2D on what the new Formula 1 logo could
look like, instead of the current rather uninspired logo

F1 logo concept (without negative space) in 3D

The left part of the logo obviously refers to the starting grid positions and a waving checkered flag (that could easily be used as a base for an animation), which symbolizes the entire race from start to finish. The properties of the numbers 5 and 14 also are a nice tribute to the creativity and skill of great F1 designers like Colin Chapman, Robin Herd, Patrick Head, Gordon Murray, Adrian Newey and others. The new logo caused heaps of criticism, almost no one likes it, except the current F1 bosses that gave the order to design the new logo. It matches the quality (or rather the lack of it) of their other decisions that concerned are the generally contemned changes of the F1 regulations.

Their motivation that the '1' in negative space of the previous logo did not look good in digital visualizations, is far fetched and without any persuasive ground. The similar Le Mans 24 hours Endurance Race decided to keep the logo with the '4' in negative space and it looks good. A vast majority of F1 fans liked the old logo, which made them about the only ones on the planet that were bothered by the design of the old logo. Their response to the deluge of disapproval concerning the replacement of the old logo, feels like the ancient human tradition of stubbornly attempting to justify blemished and poorly ruminated decisions, while failing to invent a proper excuse for this ludicrous behaviour. It almost makes me think that this is a preferred mode of conduct taught in courses and seminars for management or perhaps it merely is a plain mental abnormality that often is encountered in circles of leadership.

This link leads to a rendering of a logo that an artificial intelligence driven site makes of the input of visitors. Of course AI still is in its infancy, but at this point in time its creations are unsightly visual rubble, that roughly puts it in the same class as the new F1 logo that drivers and fans alike are not too pleased with (to put it mildly). But many of todays honchos specialize in building profuse records of dubious decisions and refusing to admit that reversing or undoing them would by far be the best solution. This world unfortunately is still a long way from meritocratic rule. The phase we currently are trapped in is that of autocratic mismanagement. This is due to the fact that those competing for leadership positions depend on random accidents of life, such as a competition that is even more stupid than they are or has less money to bribe those assigned to appoint them. Having vision, knowledge and skills are of no importance in such circumstances. When considering these lamentably common situations it is a miracle that anything at all gets done these days, which is no reason to allow bonkers people to run the show in this world.

Hasta luego online virtual folks.

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