Saturday, May 23, 2020

Trusted source of information

Besides being involved in creating all sorts of art and design, I realize quite well that there are many more aspects to life than these trivial matters. Among the deluge of government and corporate invented fake news outlets it is difficult to find a trustworthy source of information. By the way, after two sentences only you may already have noticed that I crap on the hypocritical 'politically correct' pose that is shoved down our throats by the aforementioned criminal organizations in order to silence those who are capable of independent and critical thinking and obviously are in the know of how to distinguish genuine information from lamestream's traditional bunk. Before anyone accuses me of being a conspiracy theorist or a tin foil hat nutter, they may want to inform themselves of the fact that the term 'conspiracy theory' was coined by the CIA in order to shut up investigators that came too close to finding out who the real culprits of the JFK assassination were. Lamestream media - also under the control of the CIA - hammered this disinfo into the minds of the gullible general public without interruption ever since. The CIA simply copied the SS strategies from World War II Germany, since the SS was the blueprint for the CIA that was built by Nazi honchos that were imported into the US in the Paperclip project. To the braindead continuing to shout that it is conspiracy theory, I would therefore like to say: 'do your homework or else go fuck yourself'. Nevertheless, I get that people tend to believe all crap that is spread via the television, regardless of how bonkers and unrelated to the truth it is. But for those looking for trustworthy sources that offer truthful information there still is hope. The last of the Mohicans are remarkably alive and courageously kicking.

First, mainstream a.k.a. Lamestream, is not mainstream anymore when looking at the size of the crowd it draws. The public is so fed up with the media lies that they've chosen to rely on independent sources to obtain information from. When looking at viewer ratings compared to the number of hits that alternative sources have, it is clear that the latter have much larger followings than the traditional factories of deceit. Having monopoly of the TV-screen has little meaning since the Internet offers a lot more free choice of information sources. In addition not all good journalists work for lamestream; from when independent media offered a means to live by way of the donation / sponsoring option, reporters that were sick and tired of obeying corrupt chief editors, began setting up channels of their own. Time often proves them right or wrong, which ultimately is the criterion that makes people decide which source to trust or not. At least those that have more than half a brain (that actually works properly).

Dr. Joseph Patrick Farrell

One source I would like to mention, is the one run by Joseph P. Farrell. He hosts a website called 'Giza Deathstar' and a Youtube channel in which he posts a weekly video named 'News and Views of the Nefarium'. Farrell is an academic who studied patristics in Oxford, UK. He has written a slew of books all of which are the result of his extraordinary talent to conduct research that is founded on a panoptic scientific interest and a keen concern for the well being of humankind. As a result of his profound investigating and scholarly approach he enables himself to connect more dots than the average researcher is capable of. Of course often many things can not be proven, because they were meant to remain a secret (hence secret societies and brotherhoods, meetings behind closed doors, classified programs, hidden agendas etc.), but Farrell is a master at digging up circumstantial evidence that he prefers to call 'High Octane Speculation'. It makes sense actually, since what the occult 'elite' prepares for mankind is high octane shit. The reason I prefer to find out about Farrell's opinion above other independent sources, is anchored in the fact that he explores the rabbit hole with a profound perception and knowledge from a humanist angle, while explaining his conclusions with amazing clarity and a diverting measure of wittiness. Being well informed makes people more difficult to deceive and less easy to manipulate. So by all means, take a peek at what Farrell offers in his website, videos and books. You will probably arrive at the conclusion that this man is a trusted source of information.

Hasta luego online virtual folks.

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