Tuesday, May 5, 2020

The tyranny of stupid people

Today's social media offer a wide range of plonkers a platform to show the world how stupid they are. Many commonly practice this inglorious activity without even a shred of disgrace, probably because the Internet allows a certain level of anonymity. If no one knows who you are, you can safely insult or mock anyone you want without running the risk of being chased by angry mobs waving weaponry that intend to make you pay for what you did. This situation encourages vast armies of wankers to crawl from underneath their rocks to make life miserable for the rest of the world.

Frank Zappa
Intelligent life often is stupid

These bonkers people whose congenital stupidity makes being in this world a nasty experience, suffer from a syndrome discovered by two chaps, named Dunning and Kruger, who discovered that stupidity prevents people from finding out that they're stupid. It requires a certain level of intelligence to determine if one is a retard or a smart person. The actual location of that tipping point often is difficult to prove, but I think D & K came close. Beyond that point people are considered to be smart, although there only exist debatable standards to establish a person's lack of wit or ability to think properly.

On social media many are harassed by obviously stupid assailants. Smarties often refrain from dignifying the remarks of annoying cunts with a comment, because they intuitively know that the idiot isn't equipped with the ability to measure his or her deficiency of mental ability. This type of response drives the dumb to express themselves in even more dolt ways, which provides a more profound insight in their level of imbecility. However bothersome such a discovery may be, it leads to a better understanding of the words once spoken by the late, great Frank Zappa, who said: 'There is more human stupidity in this universe than hydrogen.'  And to those tempted to respond, because they feel addressed in some way (perhaps because a weird form of reverse projection may be in play), I would like to say: 'Don't take it personally.' 

Terrence McKenna
... catastrophic cretinism ...

Finally, I think it's appropriate to conclude this monologue like any proper monologue should be concluded, that is to say with a summarising citation that reflects the heart of it, in this case a rant by Terrence McKenna: 'No moron likes to be told that he is wrong. Yet that is exactly what every moron should be told. How will humanity evolve when this does not happen... if the stupid aren't put in their place and prevented from infecting and corrupting the world with their catastrophic cretinism.'

Hasta luego online virtual folks.


In relation to the last paragraph that some may find insulting, I propose a little thought experiment. Imagine if you will, that complete and utter imbeciles were placed in leading positions all over the globe. What would happen to this world? Oh wait.... this is already the case.... it is why this world is being ruined.... because of the tyranny of stupid people.... Stupidity isn't measured by the stack of certificates and diplomas gathered or the lack of it. In a world in which war mongering criminals win the Nobel Peace Prize, stupidity makes life miserable and brings it to an end. Refusing to see that this is taking place right now is also stupid.

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