Why this blog?

Why would anyone in his right mind go through the trouble to write a blog that will have only a few lousy visitors? Not implying that visitors are lousy of course, even if some of them are, although no one should take any of this personally. To determine if writing a blog is a sane thing to do or if it is a complete and utter waste of time, it probably makes sense to establish what is actually written. I don't think anyone wants to be informed about the fact that I ate fish and chips all week or that the colour of the pants I wear is a light shade of black. Or if I had a nice dump this morning and my cat left me a dead mouse at the garden door at approximately 3 pm yesterday. If such things would be the highlights in my life, I would certainly choose to leave them unmentioned. I would never touch the keyboard. There would be no need to write a blog.

If you are in the process of planning the best way to rob the bank in the nearby mall and swiftly move to a country that has no extradition arrangement with the one you currently live in, it would not be smart to write a blog about it. At least not before the heist was successfully carried out and the relocation had already taken place. But apart from stupendously boring non-events and adventurous criminal activities, there are matters that are worth writing about and worth publishing in a blog. I have absolutely no clue what they are, but assuming that even if only one millionth of the blogs written, are of any bloody use at all, there is plenty of interesting stuff being shared on the web.

Only problem is that among the immeasurable deluge of completely useless muck, such writings are rather hard to find. However, I may one day think of useful things to write about, that I will publish in these pages. So stay tuned and you may witness me publish sensational material. You don't want to miss that.

Hasta luego online virtual folks.

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