Monday, May 4, 2020

The residue of human stupidity

Ok, you could say I'm kind of obsessed by AI in general and by what effect it is going to have on us humans and other organic life forms. I won't contest that, but I feel I must mention that I am in such a state of mind for a good reason (which makes the conduct of those who are not, disturbing and they are the wankers that judge me). As I've hinted at in several previous blog entries, I am convinced that AI is built in a way that has the capacity to change our lives to an extent that is beyond the capacity to imagine of by far most people. Those who shrug their shoulders about this haven't quite understood what AI actually is and in which direction it currently is being developed. Once that picture has sunk in, latent disorders may begin to kick in that can only be kept somewhat under control with medicinal treatment such as Prozac and Xanax. Or with a good quality bong.

Those that have lost faith in the merchandise of the pharmaceutical industry may have adequate alternatives, which I will list here, just to be sure that people are better prepared to deal with the posthuman condition that AI-systems have been programmed to establish and will at some point program themselves to extend. I would like to point out that attempt to cure the effects of AI will only result in suppressing the symptoms and not bring about a healing, assuming that the posthuman condition is rather similar to an acquired disorder of a severe nature, compared to which the current COVID plandemic is a Saturday afternoon picnic in the park.

Since the posthuman condition will be a serious situation, serious measures are required to balance it out. What should be interesting to those that aren't happy with current developments concerning the growth of AI in society, are the suggestions to ways in which the effects of such systems can be reduced or absconded. It may seem an impossible thing to do, if solutions are sought inside the world of current technological advancement. That is not the place where effective counter measures should be looked for. It was already hinted at long ago by the relativity bloke who said: 'We can not solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them.' That is what the champions of AI want you to do, because they know you will not find solutions there.

The development of AI is protected

So where to look for what then? I would suggest to go watch the movie 'Lucy' before continuing to read. In it the main character, played by Scarlett Johansson, is accidentally infused with a mind altering drug (CPH4) that allows to use a larger part of the human brain capacity. At some point she encounters a professor who admits that science has no idea what man is capable of after the level of being able to use 60% of our brain capacity has been reached. Bear in mind that efficiency increases exponentially. This most likely means that AI is unable to match human talents and creativity once human is able to make use of 100% of its brain capacity. I know it's just a movie, but because some can't imagine its script to contain true elements, it doesn't mean that it does not.

At present we are of course far removed from the 100% state. It therefore is a good thing to venture on the journey towards reaching that level, step by step - taking baby steps - while being aware that the exponential increase of awareness will propel human capacities past any other development in this universe after having reached a certain level. Without the necessity to use technical means that can only be acquired at huge cost and with strict credentials that no one outside certain circles has. The first problem with regard to our imposed restricted cerebral access, is the fact that we predominantly use one brain hemisphere, usually the left one. That means the level of use can be 50% at max, which is a level never reached since there are more impediments that prevent us from reaching that level.

So the first thing to do is make it possible to use the capacity of the other brain hemisphere (the right hemisphere) as well. It is called syncing of the brain hemispheres. It is simple to do, but effective, which suffices for the first step to be taken in the journey towards using a higher percentage of our brain capacity. Other steps will be posted in future blog entries.

Hasta luego online virtual folks.

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