Saturday, April 25, 2020

The new kid on the block: Affinity Designer

I recall being floored by CorelDRAW 3 in the early 90's of the previous century. It rivaled the hallowed Adobe Illustrator, which was an act of sacrilege that the gods would punish with an unending abide in hell where the dude with the horns and the pointy stick makes life miserable after a variance with his boss got somewhat out of hand. Decades later Illustrator still hasn't relinquished its throne, but it's only clinging to that piece of furniture by desperately burying its talons in the armrests, while an other contender confidently flaunts his weapons in a baleful way. Illustrator knows it will soon have to give up its privileged position, but it refuses to acknowledge its impending defeat.

Serif's Affinity Designer logo

The contender polishes his armour and cleans his guns, positive that the forthcoming duel can't be made into a wager from which bookmakers can make a profit. Meanwhile Illustrator is guttling sedatives to subdue its fear and stop the trembling. Its advisers proposed a subscription model to make a profit while it is still possible. Panic floods Adobe's castle, the lustrous landmark that once was the proud symbol of its kingdom has turned into a smelly cauldron bursting with grave concern. Illustrator's bulky legacy code simply can't be transformed into a swift and modern program. It is too late and swarms of formerly loyal subjects started to hurriedly abandon ship. The once ravished company propaganda is heedlessly ignored. There's no one left that doesn't know it is fabricated fake news. The signs on the wall are difficult to misread. Adobe is losing support faster than it failed to offer support to its users.

Affinity Designer is the contender's name. Humble but certain of victory it strides across the battlefield, almost like it is dancing, effortlessly evading Illustrator's dire lashes, never taking a hit, patiently waiting to deal the final blow. Designer focuses on Illustrator's neck; one blow will decapitate it, sever its head. With every fleeting instant that deciding moment comes nearer. Illustrator is trying hard to conceal the fact that it is terrified, but its frown, wide open eyes and swollen arteries in its temples reveal total mental disarray. Illustrator is about to lose its head.

Hasta luego online virtual folks.

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