Monday, April 27, 2020

Annoying fanatics

I've always found unprovoked spontaneous discussions concerning who is the world's best soccer player, guitar player or Formula 1 driver etc. rather stupid and am surprised about people's fanatism although they often present little to no argument to substantiate their claims. I'm a huge fan of Albert Camus who once said: 'The need to be right is a sign of a vulgar mind.', but I don't engage in discussions of who is the best journalist, writer or artist. To me it suffices to know that Camus was a person with an extraordinary perception and ability to eloquently express his feelings and thoughts. I simply enjoy the way how he looked at matters and how he put his views to words.

Albert Camus

I like how his mind worked, because he actually used it instead of mindlessly parroting other people's views and the fact that he lit a cigarette from time to time, although he probably wasn't harassed by programmed health fanatics that weren't as common in his day as they are now. Sure, retards are correct in saying smoking is not good for a person's health. It is quite safe to repeat such claims over and over, because everyone in his or her right mind knows that it is true. So there is little risk in being attacked by people that disagree with the self acclaimed champions of such claims. In other words: they may feel an irrepressible urge to be right.

What makes the conduct of such half-wits annoying is the fact that they keep rubbing their borrowed opinions in everyone's face without end, thereby convincing people that they are not normal instead of making a useful and intelligent contribution to life. For many being annoying is some sort of birth-defect that often is beyond the ability to cure. Unfortunately the world's population is teeming with such idiots, which kind of causes society to be a pestering place to be. The only people that aren't harassed by the hordes of knuckle dragging imbeciles that seem to have swallowed a broken record player, are those that live off the grid in a remote, rural area without means of communication, like radio, TV and / or Internet.

They are those that can't read this blog, lol.... But my guess is that they do not give a flying f..k (pardon my French) about that.

Hasta luego online virtual folks.

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